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Can't believe it! I am a Grandmother! Little Kathryn Rose was born on October 4th at 2:44 am. Weighing exactly 5 pounds. She looks exactly like her mother, my daughter did when she was born 23 years ago. Man I am getting old! Now little Gracie and Noah are and Aunt and uncle at 4 & 2. Yikes! Terry & I are now Poppy & Grammy. I had the privelege of being present for the birth and marveled yet again at the miracle of life. How can anyone question if there is a God or if He is gracious. These precious little lives he places in our hands are proof that he is gracious. I am not sure the reality of it has sunken in yet...but I am very pleased to say that she is healthy and thriving. They said she would need help breathing! She came out kicking and screaming! Now there are five generations of us all female, first born daughters. My Nana (81), my Mom(63), Me (41), My daugher (23) and my Grand daughter (1week). I have been overwhelmed by the amazing love and support shown to them and to us in turn. Must go and rest now...will write more soon.

~Still Amazed by His Grace~

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