Carla's Heart

We all have that one room in our house where we really do most of our living.

It's the room where the stories from our days are shared, where the dog gets cuddled, where we get cuddled.

It's the first room decorated for Christmas and where the Christmas tree is displayed.

It's the room where conflicts happen and are resolved, where socks are abandoned and supper sometimes gets eaten in front of the television.

It's the room where morning coffee is shared at sunrise and devotions are read and prayers are prayed.

It's the room where we invite our friends and family to gather.

It's a sacred place.

Remember "Leave it to Beaver"?
Well, I am too young too but I am sure someone I know remembers this show!

The Cleavers were a 1950's, post-war "All-American" family in a feel-good sitcom. The Cleaver's had a precocious and sometimes challenging son they called Beaver. In each episode, the Beaver would find himself in one jam or another and Ward & June would have to solve the problem in a wholesome and classy way. Stable, upstanding, reliable, classy and timeless would be some of the words used to describe them.

Well, I want to introduce you to my own Ward & June.


Six years ago today the weather forcast for Ottawa was 26, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and zero precipitation was expected.

It was a perfect setting

A perfect day for our family to be expanded.

She walked the aisle alone, save for her cell phone tucked in her bouquet.  On the other end of the cell phone was her dear mother...laying in a hospital bed some 389 miles away.


Even in his final days, even with his final breaths he didn’t seem worn.
He struggled for every breath but used each one to bless those of us who had gathered around him to say goodbye. 

We thought we had come to support him, comfort him, shelter him from fear.
But as I leaned close to him, my ear straining to hear his feeble voice and my heart aching for more time with this dear friend, he blessed me. 

Lost Boy
He is my lost boy...but he wasn't always.
It was 30 years ago today that I first held my wonderful, placid, scheduled baby boy.
His hair was so blonde it was almost white.  I had the flu when I was delivering him and he seemed to take notice and was very kind to me.  

I named her Belle as an homage to the furniture company where she was created over 100 years ago.
She had clearly been abandoned by someone who had lost their connection to her beauty. Or perhaps they never recognized it to begin with.
She was buried under boxes of junk and I almost didn't see her.
We carefully loaded her into our van and carted her home.  Initially we had planned to store in the garage along with the 'others' waiting their turn to be Restored, but for some reason my husband urged me to bring her directly into my studio. So we did...that's when she began to tell us her story.

 Blackburn Family 

Whenever somebody takes the time to send me a Christmas card and include family photo I always keep it. Over the holidays each time I pass by the photo it's a prompting for me to pray for them. After Christmas the photos get packed away with my Christmas decorations.
Each year as I unpack the decorations and the photos I am reminded of precious friendships and more opportunities to pray.