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We all have that one room in our house where we really do most of our living.

It's the room where the stories from our days are shared, where the dog gets cuddled, where we get cuddled.

It's the first room decorated for Christmas and where the Christmas tree is displayed.

It's the room where conflicts happen and are resolved, where socks are abandoned and supper sometimes gets eaten in front of the television.

It's the room where morning coffee is shared at sunrise and devotions are read and prayers are prayed.

It's the room where we invite our friends and family to gather.

It's a sacred place.

Why is it sacred? Because in the midst of all of our gathering, God is there with us.

Matthew 18:20 says "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

All those prayers that were cried out with my face buried in the shag rug, or hard  discussions we had to have with the kids or each other, or even tears spilled over an episode of "This is Us" watched as a family were not unseen by Him.  He is gathering with us always...He promised.

Recently, a friend gave me this shelf.  She always gives me things and says, use it however you want...keep it for yourself or use it for your business.  It sat on the floor of my studio for awhile and then at Christmas I needed a shelf in the Family Room so we put it up.  But something was missing...somehow it wasn't completed, wasn't blending in.  I had an idea but didn't know how to complete it. 

During a FaceTime call with my cousin down east she told me her husband was enjoying fixing up their new camper with his vinyl cutter.  He was restoring it to it's original look.  

You guys! I got so excited!  I asked if he could cut out a word for me for my shelf.  I showed him a picture of the font I liked and he was all over it! Before I knew it he shipped not just one but six of the same word! Thanks Gary!

Well on my first day off, I was cleaning and organizing and doing laundry....just kidding I was avoiding all that and whipped that baby off the wall and painted it, glazed it and did my first vinyl transfer!

The wonderful thing about this word isn't that it's pretty, but that it's a reminder that as we gather as family, or with friends or alone even...

He is there with us.

Gathering us into His arms when we are broken

Gathering the right people around us when we are lonely

Gathering us together as a family when we need to be restored

Everyone has that one room...go and gather your people...let love settle over your gathering...and let God bless you as you Gather.


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