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Remember "Leave it to Beaver"?
Well, I am too young too but I am sure someone I know remembers this show!

The Cleavers were a 1950's, post-war "All-American" family in a feel-good sitcom. The Cleaver's had a precocious and sometimes challenging son they called Beaver. In each episode, the Beaver would find himself in one jam or another and Ward & June would have to solve the problem in a wholesome and classy way. Stable, upstanding, reliable, classy and timeless would be some of the words used to describe them.

Well, I want to introduce you to my own Ward & June.

When These Mid-Century Modern tiered end tables first arrived in my studio, I wasn't quite sure how I would restore them. They aren't the usual style I work with and they were quite a challenge for me.

I started them before Christmas, painting them with Country Chic - Bees Knees and immediately thought I had made the wrong choice for my paint colour. I decided that I should leave them until after the holidays since we were heading back to our hometown and there was so much to be done. I returned with the worst flu I have ever experienced and couldn't get back to work right away.

Although I was frustrated by this it gave me the opportunity to reach out to some others for some help.

Thanks to some great advice and feedback from Mary at Country Chic Paints & Faye at Farm Life Best Life,  I came up with a plan of action! Mixing some of my Country Chic Paints and using one of their products I had never used before.

I started by mixing in some Fresh Mustard to the rest of my Bees Knees. This gave the depth I was looking for. I repainted the table tops and left the legs. I mixed antique wax with gold wax and waxed the legs. For the table tops, I used Smokey Quartz Glaze. This was amazing to me! It was like spreading chocolate pudding all over the place and then with a damp rag, I began wiping until I had the dimension I was hoping for

You guys, this couple is as timeless, elegant and retro as Ward & June Cleaver!


I know there is some lovely eclectic stylish homeowner who is going to fall in love with the Cleavers and add them to your home!!

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Stay Sweet! CB

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0 #1 Joyce Gibb 2018-01-20 18:17
Well done Carla. They look amazing!

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